Dad Tells Developers: "Don't Trick My Kids Into Buying"

As we all know App Store is full of apps some of them free and the other must to be paid in order to run it.. But what you don't know is that there is some free apps that when you install it on your iPhone/iPad or iPod you find that there is some features inside the free app should to be paid for which made some people angry and one of these people a user experience expert Rian van der Merwe posted a heartfelt rant at Smashing Magazine yesterday, begging developers of iPad apps for kids to think a little more carefully about how they put their apps together.

The above image is an app available in the App Store called "Talking Tom Cat" and this app was one of the apps that Rian picked them up and said about them that developers who made these apps wants to get money and trick their kids.

The reality of young kids and iPads is that they’re so absorbed in what’s on the screen that they don’t pay much attention to anything else. It’s very easy for controls at the bottom of the screen to be touched accidentally. And it’s very difficult for a child to work out what can be touched to make things happen, and what can’t. Rian says: “Give (interactive elements) a characteristic that indicates they are touchable.”

But it’s Rian’s final tip that appeals to me most:
If you try to trick my kid into buying stuff, you’re dead to me.
Well I agree with him in this point as if you are a dad then you maybe worry about the free apps that your children plays it as most of them will trick your little boy and make them pay for more features..


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